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All Chimneys Need a Cap! Here's Why:

Stop Rain & Snow

The cap prevents rain and snow from entering the chimney. Water from rain or snow entering the chimney gradually damages the inside of the chimney. Joints between liner tiles gradually dissolve, and corrosive elements in exhaust from furnaces mix with water and slowly weaken lining. Water pooling at the base damages the chimney structure. Freezing and thawing of water causes expansion damage.

Stop Animals

Caps with a screen mesh also keep animals out. Raccoons, squirrels, and birds often nest in chimneys. These animals can bring fleas and ticks into your home, as well as rabies, worms, and other diseases, and of course animals and their nests can clog the chimney.

In the event that you do find animals nesting in your chimney, N. Y. Metro Chimney offers humane animal removal. Our trained professionals will do everything possible to assure the integrity of your chimney and the safety of those animals that may be nesting in it.

NY Metro Chimney: Humane Animal Removal NY Metro Chimney: Humane Animal Removal NY Metro Chimney: Humane Animal Removal

Discourage Downdraft

Where certain conditions exist the cap will help prevent wind traveling down the chimney shaft.

Arrest Sparks

The built-in screen on your cap reduces the amount of large ash that is normally blown into the air and onto roof tops.
Standard Chimney Cap
Round Chimney Cap
Custom Chimney Cap
Available in all sizes and prefab caps all sizes. Also available in Vacu stack and turbine caps for draft problems.

Due to the high demand of high efficiency gas/oil boilers and appliances, we are now manufacturing double wall stainless steel lining systems. All sizes are available in oval & round.

Call with your measurements and needs today, or let one of our highly trained technicians come to your location. We'll measure the height of your chimney and the BTU's of your heating unit.

Call now for your free inspection and estimate.

N. Y. Metro Chimney specializes in:
  • Fireplace Door Installation
  • Chimney Clean Out Door Installation
  • Fireplace Refacing
  • Dampers
Fireplace Door Installation Chimney Clean Out Door Installation Fireplace Refacing
Lyemance Top Sealing Damper
Lymance Top Sealing Damper
  • An effective way to seal fireplace flues
  • Replace warped, rusted, broken energy wasting dampers
  • Mounts atop flue tile easily
  • Cast Aluminum
  • 2 year warranty
  • Standard 32 foot stainless cable
  • Available sizes: 8x8, 8x17, 9x13, 12x16, 13x13, 13x18, 17x17
Cap and Damper Combo
Round Chimney Cap
Chimney dampers with caps are mounted to the top of the chimney. This device replaces traditional throat dampers. The caps are to assure protection from the weather.
No Mess Damper Handle
Custom Chimney Cap
No more dirty hands. Handle Available for both the above dampers.
Pop-up Dampers
Custom Chimney Cap
Chimney dampers keep animals out of your chimney. They also keep out rain which prevents costly water damage to the chimney and/or the fireplace. Working dampers also save you money on home heating costs.

Along with a lifetime warranty, your chimney is guaranteed to last longer.